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I draw stuff. Tools I use: Photoshop / Sai/ Cintiq HD13

Yellow teaching me how to fly huehuehue
(thanks for the Greninja~ <3)

aww man regi, I hope ya know how much ILU for this ahh <33
can’t wait for your steak diet :P haha
I come online and…

>300 contact requests in skype

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and this was some sketch from this morning haha

aww man I have no idea if cartoony fits me haha ;_;

one more !
I tried out some style and used it with charmeleon and I kinda like the end result
fufufifu sent: If you turn your hand palm side up and use your other hand to wiggle each finger around individually, do you get a sharp pain?

nope I donĀ“t only if I press on my right hand like if you touch it and it feels a bit like someone pokes you with a knife over the hand back and of the inner side of the hand, down to the handballs and a bit further.. but it could be also the sinew I think thats making the problems

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another study <_>