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Serebii just tweeted that Junichi Masuda confirmed in USGamer that Trainer Customisation is not in ORAS


During an event last week, Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda confirmed that trainer customization had been removed from the upcoming remakes: “In terms of the customization of the trainer, that was really kind of a special thing for the Kalos region, which featured this kind of motif of France and really focused on this beauty and fashion aspect, which is why it was a prominent feature in that game.

You had one Job Gamefreak

spooky-hex sent: I think you may have played into a trap

I mean they always have answered, they sent me a message with what I have to do and filling out the formular which I did and they sent me the giftcode for their site. but after that nothing came anymore,. I had questions about the formular but they did not reply and after I figured it out with the help of a friend of how to fill that out and sent them the finished formular there was also no answer, and then again 2 days later I sent them a message if they at least can answer if they got my stuff and there was also no reply.. urgh.. i wait till tomorrow, then I will try to contact them again.

Urgh I hope squishable answers soon.. I’m waiting now since 4 days on a response and they also haven’t answered my questions yet ORZ ..hope I will get a response on monday ?




This is Satoru Iwata. Now, most know him as the president of Nintendo, but guess what? He didn’t start out as a pencil-pusher, noooooo. This guy is a programming badass. Some of his feats include:
1. Programming Earthbound from scratch. This was a game where the original coding was a mess. But Iwata don’t care. Iwata don’t give a shit. He just completely did over the game and managed to make it work.
2. He ported the battle code of Pokemon Stadium to the Nintendo 64, WITHOUT ANY REFERENCE DOCUMENTS.
3. You know Gold and Silver? The most popular Pokemon games ever? Since Gamefreak was still kind of noobish, they managed to fill the cartridge with just Johto. What does Iwata do? He compressed it enough for them to fit Kanto in. That’s right - this mofo compressed an entire game down when the developers couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Iwata don’t care! Iwata doesn’t give a shit!
So, yeah. Between Sakurai, Miyamoto, Masuda, Tajiri, and Iwata, Nintendo is pretty much run by programming badasses.

This man and John Carmack should join forces and create the singularity. They’re fucking programming gods. 

Next time I hear people talk shit about Iwata, I’ll refer them to this. 

Bloodpressure 160/100 after dentist urgh





The official Illuminati twitter page has acknowledged and thanked Alex Hirsch for the Illuminati symbols in Gravity Falls.

Alex Hirsch’s Official response:And the Illuminati’s Response:Stay classy Alex.

Alex Hirsch is now officially IlluminatiAnd the response: