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I draw stuff. Tools I use: Photoshop / Sai/ Cintiq HD13
drew this after pinkgermy video tutorial ! thank you so much this helped a lot !

In Gen 6 they gave you the first gen starters and introduced their Mega evolutions. Imagine they give us Gen2 starters in Oras this time and they also can mega evolve HNGGGGGG



drawin lunabuttons

fuuck I thought at 4 pm it would be nice to take a little nap, now its 8 pm ;_;


Pokemon ORAS Countdown is the Unofficial Countdown for the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Sign ups for the event are now open till the 1st of August!
Drawing specifications
For any other questions, send an ask!


When people with bad grammar try to insult you like



maysjedi replied to your post: Are you interested in some….

yes pls! I have nothing better to do today!

not today ! on a sunday^^”

Are you interested in some….

realtime aka interactive livestream tutorial about how I draw / color stuff in photoshop ?

would be some kind of a little curse, some basics and tricks, lineart and coloring .. lemme say for beginners or for people who are nor comfortable with the layout of photoshop or find it to hard and have problems with it.

It will be probably on a sunday evening (for my time)

someone else has buffering problems with youtube ? like the videos are not loading at all ?